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The Advantage - Name, Image, Likeness

Beginning July 1, 2021, student-athletes are permitted to earn compensation for their name, image or likeness. Below is helpful information for student-athletes, supporters of Alabama Athletics and employees of The University of Alabama relative to name, image, likeness.

Information for Student-Athletes

  • Employees of The University of Alabama may not compensate a current or prospective student-athlete for his or her name, image or likeness.
  • It is not permissible for compensation to be provided in exchange for athletic performance or attendance at The University of Alabama.
  • Compensation can come in the form of money, goods or services.
  • Compensation opportunities for a student-athlete’s name, image, or likeness should not conflict with academic activities, athletic competition, official team activities, or a UA-sponsored event.  
  • Use of any registered marks, logos, verbiage or designs owned and protected by The University of Alabama is not permitted unless receiving prior written permission.
  • Student-athletes are permitted to obtain professional representation to assist with securing opportunities for compensation. Representation must be for name, image, likeness only and not for future professional contract negotiations.
  • Any NIL or representation agreement must be disclosed to The University of Alabama.

FAQs for Alabama Athletics Supporters and University of Alabama Employees

May a booster or fan enter into an agreement with a University of Alabama ("UA") student-athlete ("SA") for the use of the SA's name, image, or likeness ("NIL") in exchange for money, goods or services?
Yes. Before entering such a contract, the SA is required to disclose any proposed contract for use of their NIL to UA. It is possible, and likely, that federal laws and NCAA legislation will ultimately provide a nationwide, uniform approach to NIL governance, at which point restrictions on these agreements are subject to change.
Will UA assist SAs with NIL-related issues?
Yes. UA will have a robust program to educate student-athletes on how to maximize the use of their NIL for compensation, as well as understanding associated issues (e.g., financial literacy, debt management, time management, budgeting, academic resources).
May an SA receive NIL-compensation based on the SA's athletic performance at UA?
Are there limitations on the compensation or opportunities that can be provided to a SA for use of their NIL?

Yes. Student-athletes may not enter NIL compensation agreements that do not comply with Federal, State, NCAA, SEC, or UA rules, policies, laws, and regulations. Additionally, student-athletes may be precluded from entering NIL compensation agreements that does one or more of the following:

  • Conflicts with the terms of a current UA contract;
  • Negatively impacts or reflects adversely on UA or its Athletics Department, including, but not limited to, bringing about public disrepute, contempt, embarrassment, scandal, ridicule, or otherwise negatively impacting the reputation or the moral or ethical standards of UA or its Athletics Department; or
  • Involves any of the following: tobacco companies, alcoholic beverage companies, sellers or dispensaries of controlled substances, adult entertainment businesses, and business engaged in gambling activities.

Other examples of prohibited compensation for SA NIL activity include:

  • Where the SA is not a US citizen and the SA's visa generally prohibits employment. International student-athletes should consult with Capstone International prior to engaging in NIL activities.
  • In exchange for property owned by UA (e.g., current jersey or equipment)
May a contract for NIL compensation stipulate that an SA must compete for, or attend, UA (or any other NCAA member school)?

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